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The Dawn of the Smart Home

The Dawn of the Smart Home

We are entering the age of intelligent robots and homes that listen and cater to your desires. When products like Siri and Echo (Alexa) entered the market, for a long time they were only really functional as a party trick- playing a song here, making a bad joke there, occasionally being of actual use when your hands are too dirty to dial a phone number. All this is changing. Amazon has begun down the path of turning our homes into sentient beings. With new upgrades to the basic Echo Dot and Echo Plus speakers, as well as the introduction of products like the AmazonBasics microwave paired with other Echo products and Echo Auto, our everyday life is taking a turn for the futuristic. With the advent of home artificial intelligence on the horizon, we must be wary of how these services could be hacked or used as surveillance equipment, but for now I think we’ve earned the privilege of our car communicating with our home to start dinner, turn on the TV, and set the temperature to a nice 70 degrees.

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